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Your Photos & Your Phone

– with Dan Zunitch


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Fridays December 8 & 15, 10am–12pmGCC Main Campus

You can capture wonderful photos and videos with the camera on your phone, but then what? How do you work with them, keep them organized, find what you need and share them?

We cover: How do I transfer photos from my phone to my computer? How do I organize them so I can find what I want? Should I store them in the cloud? Is it safe? How do I do that? How do you send a photo as an email attachment?

In session 1 we will learn how to move photos from your phone to your computer, or to cloud storage, or both. We will set you up with free cloud storage if you don’t already have it, and teach you how to use it.

In session 2 will learn to organize your photos by date and time, and how to attach them to an email.

Optional topics, time permitting: Why do some phones automatically upload your photos to the cloud? How can I control that? How do I use geolocation (GPS) information so I can find out where a photo was taken?

Both iPhones and Android phones will be covered.

The computer-based sections of the class is taught using Microsoft Windows. Many of the topics are equivalent or similar on the Mac or iPad, but the course does not provide Mac-specific instruction.

Detailed list of topics:

  • How to find the pictures on your phone
  • How to transfer photos from your phone to your computer
  • How to organize my photos so you can find the ones you want
  • How to send photos to someone as an email attachment
  • How to get set up with your own cloud storage
  • How to use cloud storage for photos
  • What are the pros and cons of using cloud storage?
  • How to share photos from the cloud
  • How to organize your photos so you can find what you want
  • (optional) How to share a photo from your cloud storage
  • (optional) How to find and use geolocation (GPS) data in a photo
  • (optional) How to remove geolocation (GPS) data from a photo
  • (optional) How to stop the camera from putting geolocation (GPS) data into my photos
  • (optional) Why is my phone automatically uploading my photos to the cloud, and how do I control it?

What to bring:

  • Your phone (required)
  • Your charging/data cable (required)
  • Your email address and password (required)
  • Your own laptop or notebook computer (optional)
  • Flash drive 8GB or greater (optional)

Made possible with funding by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs and the Greenfield Senior Center.

About the Presenter

Dan Zunitch is a 35 year veteran of the computer industry with over 20 years of teaching and consulting experience in college and corporate settings. His areas of expertise include software development, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, WordPress, Open Broadcast Studio (OBS), video and audio editing, and web design. Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Dan was Vice President at Fidelity Investments, Director of Operations at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Software Engineer at other companies, large and small. Dan has extensive experience teaching neurodiverse individuals, and people with learning challenges. Dan has an adaptive teaching method that helps each student to learn using their individual strengths and learning styles. Dan’s classrooms are LGBTQ+ friendly and welcoming to all kind and curious humans who wish to learn.

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