Senior Symposia

The Senior Symposia program at Greenfield Community College is a collaborative effort with area senior citizens. The program encourages seniors to continue their education through attending talks on a variety of subjects. Persons of all ages are welcome to attend Senior Sym events and participate in the lively discussions that follow the presentations.

In-person sessions are held at two locations in Greenfield: The John Zon Community Center (35 Pleasant Street) and the Garden Cinemas (361 Main Street).  Presentations run from 2-2.5 hours, with most of the symposia running from 2-4pm.

We can not accept cash or check payment on-site at Senior Symposia events.

Sorry, there are currently no upcoming Senior Symposia events scheduled. Please check back in the fall or spring for an updated catalog!

Donate to Senior Symposia!

Did you attend a Senior Sym event without pre-registering? Did you have trouble registering and need to pay for your workshops? Or do you just want to make a donation to support future programming? We can help!