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Writing Practice

– with erin feldman


Tuesdays May 28–June 25, 6-7pmOnline workshop Online workshop

Writing Practice is a five-week online, generative writing workshop. We will spend our time free-writing with suggested topics and structured prompts as we build up a bank of raw material that depicts the life we live and that explores what is most important to us. Some of us will use this raw writing after class to craft poems, stories, and other personal writing, others of us may prefer to write with no future agenda of output. Each session will include the opportunity to read one’s drafting aloud. Using Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg as a diving board, we will explore these topics:

  • Week 1: Discovering the Editor
  • Week 2: What is My Raison D'être?
  • Week 3: We Are Not The Poem
  • Week 4: Why Do I Write?
  • Week 5: It’s Your Life, Begin From It

About the Presenter

erin is a published writer and poet with 20 years of experience as a writing instructor, professional development facilitator, classroom educator, yoga teacher, and outdoor leader. An expert facilitator and speaker, erin supports clients in developing their vision, voice, and the self-confidence necessary for both personal growth and professional success—which she believes go hand in hand. She is also a passionate soup maker.

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