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The Wonders of Greenfield Geology

– with Richard Little


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Saturday May 4, 1-4pmGCC Main Campus

Professor Richard Little takes you on a geological tour of Greenfield that will amaze and educate! First, a review of geologic principles as illustrated by the Greenfield Community College Geology Path and surrounding landscape. Besides rocks formed from the birth and death of the Pangea supercontinent, you will see the evidence of glacial Lake Hitchcock and also dramatic evidence of when the Connecticut River eroded along College Drive! Then drive yourself to Highland Park where we will take a 30-minute round-trip walk to two locations at the base of the Rocky Mountain lava cliff, then travel to Poet Seat Tower at the cliff top to look out over a landscape that was made by plate tectonics and shaped by glaciers and rivers.

About the Presenter

Educator and armored mud ball evangelist Richard Little has BA and MA degrees from Clark University and the University of Southern California, respectively, and is Professor Emeritus at GCC where he taught geology for over 40 years. He has written two books and produced two DVDs about Connecticut Valley geology and continues to lecture and host educational geological tours around the world.

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