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The Miracle Mindset

– with Amy McMahan


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Wednesdays February 1–22, 7-8pmOnline workshop Online workshop

"A Course in Miracles" defines a miracle as "a shift in perception." What if real life-changing transformation was just a thought or belief away? We will explore and discuss ACIM and other texts, get to know one another and make miracles.

About the Presenter

Amy McMahan has been in the restaurant business for 30 years in all capacities. She has owned Mesa Verde for 20 years, was the first kitchen manager at The People’s Pint, and a worked as a cook at the Franklin Community Co-op. She has been on a lifelong journey to be at an ideal weight, eat well, exercise and feel good overall. She was born in Southeast Asia and grew up eating Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai foods, and has taken multiple cooking classes in Italy and Mexico. She is also an ordained Minister of Spiritual Consciousness through Inner Visions Institute of Spiritual Development and has completed both a two-year Personal Development Program and a three-year Ministerial Development & Ordination Program.

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