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Tarot for Self-Exploration

– with Myk Freedman


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March 5 & 12, 6-7pmGCC Main Campus

This two-part workshop is designed to give participants a solid foundation on how to begin a personal tarot journey. We’ll explore how to cultivate intuition, meditate on the images and embrace synchronicity. Participants will learn how to use the tarot to facilitate deep journaling as a means to work through life's challenges and seek help and clarity. We'll discuss specific activities and ways to creatively incorporate the cards into daily routines as well as the history and structure of the tarot deck. Participants will leave with the tools needed to start using their tarot decks for personal readings, guidance and as a medium for self exploration. No previous experience required.

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About the Presenter

Myk Freedman is a second generation card reader focused on seeing clearly into the present. His practice is all about helping folks find clarity and a path forward when they want insight . . .

Myk came to the cards after having a persistent intuition that it was what he needed at that time. Through immersing himself in tarot knowledge, he reconnected with a part of his own family history. His Romanian grandmother, with whom he’d grown up, had learned to lay the cards as a teenager while in a Soviet prison for supposedly being a spy (but really just being a Jew in Eastern Europe). Among the many skills she learned while in jail was the art of reading the cards from a group of Romani women who looked after her until her eventual release. Myk’s childhood was filled with hearing the wild tales of her life. It’s through the cards, humor, and storytelling that he now feels a deep connection to her and the wisdom she shared with him over the years.

Myk believes that we are often discouraged from making decisions not rooted in logic, yet much of life is mysterious, even when thoroughly examined. Tarot is a tool that can help us explore other aspects of ourselves and bring intuition into our daily lives. It’s an experience full of wonder, excitement, and fun. The tarot can be spookily on point, but even when it’s not it’s still a wonderful way to look at an issue from unexpected angles.

In 2017 Myk and his family moved from NYC to Western Mass.

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