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Hands-Only CPR


Free workshop

This workshop is not currently available. Add your name to the waiting list and we'll let you know as soon as it's offered again!

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Thursday April 11, 3-3:45pmGCC Main Campus

Increase the likelihood of survival in cardiac emergencies with a FREE 30-minute American Red Cross workshop. Over 350,000 cardiac arrests occur annually outside hospitals, underscoring the importance of preparedness. Learn Hands-Only CPR techniques, enabling you to deliver life-saving care promptly without rescue breaths. Immediate initiation of Hands-Only CPR significantly boosts survival rates. The workshop teaches essential skills such as consciousness assessment, emergency contact, and chest compressions. With more bystanders trained in Hands-Only CPR, more lives can be saved by providing timely assistance. Please note that certification isn't provided—but participants gain vital knowledge to make a life-saving impact in their communities. Don't miss this opportunity to be prepared and contribute to saving lives in critical situations!

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