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Cruising Through Deep History: Amazing Stories Along the Connecticut River

– with Richard Little


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This trip from Northfield to Barton Cove and back will reveal the birth and death of the Pangea supercontinent, the "Valley of the Dinosaurs" and then more recent events of glaciation and Lake Hitchcock. "Franklin County is the best place in the world to study geology" says GCC Professor Emeritus Richard Little, our guide for this amazing journey through time. He will teach you to "read the stories in rocks and landscapes" as we head downstream as well as reveal the solution to the mysterious hundred-foot-deep holes in the Connecticut riverbed. You will also see samples of rare Jurassic armored mud balls as we cruise through French King Gorge. Come with us and explore wonderful river-view landscapes and wildlife! There may even be an eagle watching over us!

About the Presenter

Educator and armored mud ball evangelist Richard Little has BA and MA degrees from Clark University and the University of Southern California, respectively, and is Professor Emeritus at GCC where he taught geology for over 40 years. He has written two books and produced two DVDs about Connecticut Valley geology and continues to lecture and host educational geological tours around the world.

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