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Fundamentals of Coaching

– with Joshua Hornick


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Tuesdays January 24–February 28, 6:30-8:30pmGCC Main Campus

Do you believe that people are capable of becoming so much more than they are? Do you want to be a person who helps others to step into what's possible for them? If so, this course will change your life!

Coaching (life coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching, productivity coaching) is the science and art of empowering other people. For many endeavors, coaching skills are essential. In others, they are just helpful.

In this introductory course, you will learn and practice applying

  • attitudes (yes, attitudes) and techniques that make you effective at helping people step into their power
  • key coaching distinctions and choices (like the goal line vs. the learning line, dreams vs. systems, and expectations vs. agreements)
  • how to get beyond habitual behaviors
  • the structure and elements of coaching conversations
  • how to frame questions or advice so that they actually help

Your new coaching skills will support your work professionally and personally. Like becoming a master at, let's say, watercolor painting, developing mastery at coaching takes dedicated practice. Here you will learn the fundamentals which you can continue to practice. You may continue to train also. The credits from this course can be applied to, and amounts to about 10% of, the first level of professional coach certification.

About the Presenter

Joshua Hornick is the founder of The Hornick School of Coaching and has been training coaches for nine years. He has been a Professional Certified Coach since 2006 and serves as a life coach/business coach to a diverse set of clients locally, across the country and abroad. Hornick was previously a corporate lawyer, a non-profit director and a secondary school teacher. He lives in Amherst, plays ultimate frisbee, accompanies shows on the piano and believes deeply in the inherent power and beauty within every person.

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