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Like Google, But Better: Discover ChatGPT, an Amazing Free Tool Anyone Can Use!

– with Sarah Schmidt


Free workshop
Tuesday April 30, 4-6:30pm (including 30 min. dinner break)GCC Main Campus

Join this welcoming, easy-to-understand workshop designed specifically for individuals who are new to the wonders of technology. This session focuses on a special tool called ChatGPT, a friendly online assistant to make your life easier.

Imagine having a helper at your fingertips, ready to assist you with almost anything—from creating a grocery list or offering step-by-step cooking instructions, to helping you write letters or emails. ChatGPT can even suggest activities to fill your leisure time or provide summaries of news articles! There's no need to worry about technical jargon or feeling left behind. By the end of our time together, you'll be amazed at how this digital magic can add convenience, creativity, and efficiency to your daily life, all with just a few clicks or taps.

Participants should plan to create a free ChatGPT account prior to the session. For help with this please contact Judy Raper at OR arrive fifteen minutes early and bring your cell phone.

About the Presenter

Sarah Schmidt brings over 15 years of experience in Education, including technology instruction for adult learners. As ChatGPT and other AI tools began to emerge, Sarah’s intrigue led her to extensively explore their potential. Sarah has conducted AI-focused trainings across diverse sectors, and is passionate about sharing the potential of these tools. Equipped with a master’s degree in education, Sarah serves as an Academic Advisor & Success Coach at Greenfield Community College, where she helped organize a series of ChatGPT workshops and continues to delight in exploring the connections between technology and education. Beyond her work as an educator, Sarah is also a certified coach and the proud owner of Joyful Valley Coaching.

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