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Block Printing on Textiles

– with Kady Woods


Saturday May 11, 10am-1pmGCC Main Campus

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Block printing with rubber (sometimes referred to as "linocut" which references the linoleum blocks some people carve instead) is a great way to customize your clothes, curtains, tote bags, and many other textiles! In this class, you will start by designing on paper, learn how to transfer the essence of the design to the block, and then be given instruction on how to carve the block! Once the block is carved, we will use it to print on various textiles using specialty ink. You will be able to take the block home to print on even more items!

There will be some items to choose from to print on, but you're welcome to bring your own! And of course, you get to take home whatever you print on.

If you want to bring your own material, keep material in mind. Cotton and cotton blends are perfect for printing on, as well as other natural fabrics like linen and hemp (as long as it is a tight weave) and canvas. Avoid novelty fabrics (fur, highly textured, etc.), polyester, as well as spandex and lycra.

About the Presenter

Kady Woods is a chronic crafter, continually picking up new ways to showcase creativity in her everyday life. She enjoys bringing a little bit of color and flair into her day whenever possible. She currently works as the Associate Director of Marketing at GCC and spends most of her free time gardening, selling her work at craft fairs or utilizing the pottery studio at LaunchSpace.

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