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Painting the Landscape with Watercolors: Part 3

– with Tina Stevens


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Saturday February 24, 9am-12pmGCC Main Campus

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This workshop will build on the techniques and exploration we began in Painting the Landscape with Watercolors: Intro. We will explore the relationship between pigment and water when mixing colors, applying paint to paper, developing a specific color palette for your painting, arranging shapes and creating space, painting trees in the landscape and evaluating the composition of your paintings as we continue exploring the landscape.

There will be short demos, some practice painting, and you will work on a painting of your own. Watercolor materials will be provided, or you are free to bring your own materials. Do bring photos of landscapes you enjoy and you can paint from the image of your choice. This workshop is appropriate both for beginners and more advanced painters wanting to practice technique.

Prerequisite: Painting the Landscape with Watercolors: Intro—this workshop builds on the topics covered in the previous class.

About the Presenter

Tina Stevens is an artist and designer living in Hatfield. She is inspired by the beauty of the ever-changing landscape and explores it in her painting and printmaking. See more on Instagram: @tinastevensdesign

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