HEROES @ GCC is a new branch of Treehouse HEROES Youth Leadership, a program by and for young people who have experienced foster care and adoption. HEROES has been engaging young people ages 14-24, in Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden Counties since 2011.

HEROES creates community and positive connections with others who have experienced foster care or adoption. This can include young people living with grandparents or other forms of kinship care, as well as youth experiencing other forms of family separation. While everyone’s experience is unique, knowing you are not alone is important and powerful.

HEROES is designed to make a difference. We believe that young people who have experienced foster care can be leaders and teachers in many ways, and they are essential to making positive change in foster care, their lives and communities. We also believe that giving youth opportunities to learn, contribute and establish positive connections with others, builds resilience and opens doors to success.

HEROES engages members in setting program direction and priorities and offers a variety of participation and learning opportunities. Our support team includes staff, senior HEROES members, interns and volunteers of all ages. We value connections across the generations and believe in collaborating with individuals and community resources to create rich and meaningful learning opportunities and relationships.

Programming depends on the interest of our youth members and volunteers. It currently includes: academic support, life skills, expressive arts, advocacy opportunities, and outdoor and recreational activities. We are a hybrid online-in person program.

To learn more about HEROES or get involved, please email HEROES@treehousefoundation.net.